Three Intense Foam Muscle Massage Techniques You Can Get From a Foam Massage Roller


Foam massage rollers are a total must have item for anyone looking to relieve muscle tension while also eliminating the risk of injury. Whether you're a self proclaimed yogi, marathon runner, like to indulge in strength training or simply want to feel your best, you need to get your hands (or body, rather) on a foam massage roller. Lucky for you, they’re available on Planet Products right now. Foam massage rollers basically give you the ultimate massage on every part of your body, whether it's a sore lower back, aching hamstrings or anywhere else. The massager has soft yet firm nodules that literally act like the thumbs and fingers of a massage therapist - without the massive price tag. It's basically God-like. Don't be mistaken though because a foam massage roller can be just as intense as it can be soft, allowing for all that muscle tension to be released. Here are three ways that everyone from beginners, fitness lovers, elite trainers and professional athletes use their foam massage rollers to get their body feeling amazing.

Give Yourself Tough Love on Tough Knots

Some people associate massages as being luxurious, soft and relaxing as you bask in a complete oasis of blissfulness. While the foam massage roller can definitely give you a softer, subtler massage, it’s best for really getting deep and down into those muscles. By applying direct pressure to your muscles with your own body weight, you can eliminate and prevent those irritating and sometimes even painful muscle knots. As mentioned, the nodules penetrate right into those knots, allowing you to finally get them out. It may take a couple of rolling sessions, but it works and is so much more affordable than visiting a doctor. Since we can all relate to stubborn muscle knots that refuse to do anything other than cause you significant pain, this is a huge benefit.

Loosen Up That Fascia

Fascia is basically the tissue in the muscle that is built up with several different fibers, and using foam massage rollers is an incredible way to loosen up such areas. Before foam rollers, similar treatments consisted of intense massages that were accompanied with a huge price tag. However now, with the use of a foam massage roller you can get the same kind of intense massages right in the comfort of your own home. They’re the kind of ones that make you moan and groan uncontrollably, but then, you feel like a whole new person afterwards. With a foam massage roller from Planet Products, it'll dig deep into those areas that are often hard to reach, breaking own scar tissues as well as soft tissue. It'll also stretch out your muscles and tendons and increase blood flow and circulation well throughout the body, which provides an abundance of additional benefits.


Softer Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is quite different from the others mentioned. Instead of it being intense and direct, it's more of a treatment that consists of gentle pressure applied on the soft tissue. As you can see from the name, mysofacial release also consists of fascia. It applies traction to these tissues allowing it to pull apart to decrease the pain, tightness and even limited motion you may be experiencing. It also softens and lengthens the tissues while breaking up scar tissue that could be hiding between bones, skin and muscle. This allows for your flexibility to be enhanced, which is vital to reducing the risk of injury, increasing your potential performance and ultimately giving you better ability.

It's no secret that visiting a massage therapist is expensive and frequent sessions are typically required in order to reap all the benefits of the service. In other words, you end up with one big massive bill. With foam massage rollers, you can spend a small amount for consistent treatments that are completely effortless. You just use your own body weight and roll your way to comfort. You'll be shocked at the treatment and results that can be provided by using this affordable alternative. Visit Planet Products today and finally treat yourself to tension release, relaxed muscles and feeling like a million bucks. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to never miss out on new tips, tricks and discounts.