The Benefits & Uses for Premium, Food-Grade Silicone Drink Covers | 2-Pack,

The Benefits & Uses for Premium, Food-Grade Silicone Drink Covers | 2-Pack,

We take these lids where ever we go! They're so convenient to use on almost any drinking vessel and for almost any occasion...

Prevent Messy Spills:

These handy drink covers seal tightly against the smooth rims of your favorite cups, mugs, and glasses, instantly creating a spill-proof drink. Reduce waste and avoid annoying messes in the car, on your furniture, or on you.

Keep Liquids and Foods Hot or Cold:

Whether it's hot coffee, chicken soup, or iced tea, our silicone drink covers help maintain the temperature, freshness, and flavor of your cup's contents. So you have more time to savor what's inside!

Better for the Environment (and Your Wallet):
No more wasting money on pricey disposable cups and covers! Our reusable silicone lids are a smarter, more affordable alternative to the Styrofoam and paper cups currently packing our landfills.

Use Anywhere:
Our silicone lids are great for commuting, camping, backpacking, barbecuing, picnics, the beach, and more. Keep your beverages fresh and delicious while keeping bugs, dirt, sand, and other contaminants out of your cup.
Made of Food-Grade Silicone:
Our covers are BPA-free and safe to use with any food or beverage, cold or hot. They're microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Lid size is 4 inches and fits most coffee/tea mugs, cups, drinking glasses, and stemware.

Cheers! to wherever life may take you...


Theresa Ludwig