The 3 Secrets to Using a Self Massage Stick for Optimal Relief

Forget about paying an arm and a leg for a 60-minute massage. While visiting a professional masseuse feels incredible, you can just as easily give yourself the relaxation and tension release in your muscles by taking advantage of a self massage stick. They're a fraction of the cost, and you won't have to wait for a scheduled appointment to feel some relief. That's also not to mention that you can use your self massage stick whenever and wherever you want. So, whether you're doing rigorous day-to-day training or simply want to loosen the tightness felt in your muscles after a hard day at work, these secrets to using the self massage stick will ensure proper massage technique, leaving you with nothing short of the best results.


Massage with Moderation

Less is more in terms of massage, and while it may seem tempting to use your self massage stick for 30 minutes on each individual muscle, it is much more beneficial to break the sessions up into smaller periods spread out throughout the week. 10 to 15 minutes is more than enough time needed to loosen any muscle tension you may feel, but be diligent over your entire body throughout that time so you can address all muscle groups thoroughly. Doing the opposite and over-massaging a muscle can cause that area to become more much inflamed than it initially was, and for a longer period of time. Fortunately, since the self massage stick uses your hands as opposed to your body weight, you have 100% control of the amount of pressure that is used, and you can change it up as needed.


Ease Into The Pressure

If your calves feel like there are large boulders inside of them, going hard with your self massage stick may seem like the best solution, but it isn't. Your muscles are complex and sensitive, and the pressure you use to loosen them up should always start off lightly and slowly build up. Ease into the pressure applied because going too hard and too fast can cause your muscles to tense up even more, which completely counteracts what you're trying to achieve. Just as you do with your muscles prior to a workout, warm them up with light pressure and go harder as you continue on.


Know Your Limits

Using a self massage stick allows for excellent upkeep of your body, and at a fraction of the cost, but you need to be able to recognize your limits. A tool can't sense your muscles relaxing, so take some time to feel the area with your hands to see how they are reacting. Going with a distinctive time per muscle does not tell you whether they are relaxed or overworked. Only your hands can, so get in the habit of checking out the area in between massage sessions. Additionally, there are some pains and injuries that won't be solved with a self massage stick and if the issue does not seem to be improving or is worsening, it may be time to seek a professional in order to receive proper treatment.

You may also be wondering what benefits come from using a self massage stick as opposed to a. The stick is used with your hands, as opposed to your body weight, which also allows you to use it sitting, standing, crouching, kneeling or pretty much in any position that you find comfortable. This also means that you can give yourself a self massage while watching some TV or a movie, or while relaxing in bed. The self massage stick is also much easier to take with you wherever you go as it is significantly smaller than a foam roller. This is a huge benefit if you travel often and workout while doing so. Head on over to Planet Products and get your hands (and muscles) on a self massage stick and feel the difference this incredible tool makes.