Day 2 of our River Boat Cruise~

Well, we finally made it New Orleans with Mom!

What a journey....

Michael and I left home on San Juan Island off of Seattle on the 7th to head out to an airport hotel at SeaTac to spend the night for our very early departure the next morning...

We were already tired!

But wait...

We had to fly ALL the way down to Tampa and then take a car further down to Sarasota to pick up Mom.

After picking her up, we then headed back to Tampa to catch our flight to New Orleans.

What a trip!


Here we are, day 2 of our week long trip up the Mississippi with Mom.

We are all having a wonderful time even though it is almost too HOT and HUMID to go outside.

We brought our silicone lids to keep our drinks fresh and allow us to socialize without spilling our beverage! We also brought our yoga roller and adjustable high speed jump rope for our workouts.

It's a good thing we did because the fitness equipment happens to be OUTSIDE!

You would DIE if you worked out in this extreme HEAT!


Michael and I rearranged our room to allow room enough for a high intensity jump rope workout and...

room to use our foam roller, too!

I'm so happy we brought this stuff along!

Well, time to take mom to lunch!



Theresa Ludwig