Change Your Perception

Feeling frustrated and...well, down in the dumps?
Listen up!

Change your perception.

By now I'm sure you have all heard the famous teaching "as you THINK, so shall you BE"

Our thoughts create our reality. This is Universal Law. It is how LIFE works.

Let go of the negatives and focus thoughts on the positive.
With deliberate and focused application of the principles of this teaching, this Universal Law, we can all achieve our full human potential. We've been given free thought, free will, to choose how we want our life to be. But, unless we routinely practice the art of perception, we fail to master this enormously powerful skill. Thoughts have energy and energy attracts more of that same, or like, energy. You must be the master of your thoughts.

How do you do this?

Take time every day to sit in silence and reflect on all the positive that is happening in your life. Know that you are being divinely guided for your highest good. The following is a simple practice I do daily that I have personally benefited from. Perhaps you will find meditating on this helpful, too...

The One Supreme Power, Life, Intelligence and Spirit is within, around and through me. My word is the activity of this Infinite Mind and is the law of good in my experience.

It is perfect in its action and permanent in its manifestation. Infinite Intelligence governs,sustains and animates me. Good alone goes from me and good alone returns to me.

The Law of Spirit establishes harmony and right adjustment of all personal, family and business affairs or conditions in my life. I am supplied with every good thing. I am happy, radiant and complete. The Source of all life manifests as peace, harmony and wholeness in my experience.

Everything that I do, say or think is governed by pure Intelligence and inspired by Divine Wisdom. I am guided into right action. I am surrounded with friendship, love and beauty. Enthusiastic joy, vitality and inspiration are in everything I do.

I represent that Life which cannot want, which is forever manifesting freedom, self-expression and wholeness. I represent the principle of Divine Activity whih never tires, which is birthless, changeless and deathless. I am receptive to the inexhaustible energy of the universe, to Divine Guidance and to the influx of perfect life, perfect ideas, and complete joy.

I know as a result of this spiritual realization, happiness, health and prosperity immediately will spring into action and manifest in everything I do, say or think.

I am conscious of Divine Guidance, of complete happiness, abundant health and increasing prosperity. I am aware of my partnership with the Infinite. I know that everything I do shall prosper.

I accept this word. I know that it is the Presence, the Power and the Activity of God in me. I know I am conscious of Divine Guidance, of inward peace and poise. I immediately become conscious of a more abundant life. I expect greater good, more happiness and a complete success in every constructive thing which I undertake.

Again I affirm that this word, being the presence of the Spirit in me, is the Law of God operating through me, and establishing in me that which is good, beautiful and true.

It is done. I accept. I believe. I know.

*This powerful meditation is lovingly offered by Ernest Holmes {author of The Science of Mind}

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~

Theresa Ludwig