Benefits of Exercise Using a Stability Ball~

There are many benefits of using a stability ball. In this post we'll cover some of the most important benefits the stability ball offers.

While the most obvious is the overall toning of the muscles of the entire body, the stability ball is also used to rehabilitate injuries of the back, hips and knees. It also delivers a powerful workout to improve core stability which is responsible for healthy posture and muscle balance.

Let's talk a little bit about Core Stability.

What exactly is meant by "core"? The Core is considered the group of muscles in the mid-section responsible for healthy stability and support of the body during any and all movement. Our mid-section is made up of deep abdominal and back muscles that activate as stabilizers during these movements. If our core is weak due to injury or simply lack of use you will be more prone to injury to other muscles of the body.

Let's take a look at the muscles that make up our core.

Transverse Abdominus: These are the deep abdominal muscles.

Tultifidus: These are the back muscles that support the Lumbar Spine.

Quadratus Lumborum: These are the muscles of the lower back that help to maintain spinal and pelvic balance.

These muscles all work in synergy to protect the spine and help support every day activities such as lifting, reaching, bending, throwing, walking and running to name just a handful. Needless to say, core strength is paramount for health and quality of life.

Below is just some of the ways to use a stability ball to strengthen your core and be well on your way to an improved quality of life with improved stability, flexibility and strength.


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